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What's Life About?
15 February 2013, BlogTalkRadio.com
Co-Host Stephanie Martin of Hello Dr CJ interviews Karol K. Truman

Stephanie Martin Karol K. Truman

Life often causes us to build a wall around our True Self. Begin your journey of breaking down the wall and re-discovering your Divine Soul. Learn how to let go of blame, to forgive, to feel gratitude, and to Revere Your Divine Self.


How Do We Heal And Become Happy?
08 November 2012, EmpowerRadio.com
Tammi Baliszewski of Journey To Center interviews Karol K. Truman

Tammi Baliszewski Karol K. Truman

Have you ever ached emotionally? Have you ever felt a hurt that you could not pinpoint or alleviate? We all incarnate loving and joyful, but life on planet Earth can take a toll on us. How do we get back to the truth and love that we are? Learn how to heal at the deepest level and claim our birthright for happiness.


Where is the Real You?
10 October 2012, BlogTalkRadio.com
Dr CJ Henius and Stephanie Martin of Hello Dr CJ interview Karol K. Truman

Dr. CJ Henius Stephanie Martin Karol K. Truman

What happened to the uniqueness of your Soul...your true inherent beauty? Many people feel lost in this fast-paced world of high technology & the need to climb to the "top" or be better than their friends & neighbors by making lots of money. Do they get lost in the shuffle, or what? How do they lose track of who they really are? Why are they having such a difficult time realizing their dreams?