Healing Feelings...

Re-turning Re-turning

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The Healing Feelings Theme Song.

Instrumental music of the Healing Feelings Theme to soothe your feelings/thoughts and open your soul.

Re-turning is the result of a melody Karol kept hearing in her mind that wouldn't let go. Her son Dan helped put the finishing touches on this beautiful melody and is the one performing the music. In practice, Karol and those who listen to this music have found it to be very healing.

Songs From the Heart Songs From the Heart

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Delmont Truman sings songs that open your heart and lift your soul. His beautiful baritone voice conveys the heartfelt peace that exists in each of us, as he sings:

I Believe  To a Child  I've Gotta Be Me  With a Song In My Heart  The Father of Girls  Bless This House  God Bless America  If I Ruled the World  Let There Be Peace On Earth  How Great Thou Art  As I Have Loved You  May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You

Accompanied by Karol K. Truman and Dan Truman.

Each of us has every note of the musical scale in our body and speaking voice. Every note corresponds to an energy center in our body (chakras). Many of us however, are lacking the note of B, which is the Crown Chakra. Sadly, this is our Spiritual energy center. By listening to music in the Key of B, you can help restore the B note in your body/voice. Delmont Truman (Karol's husband) sings beautiful music to help accomplish this.