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Feelings Alive
By Leila Tober

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Description: Feelings Alive is based on the book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K Truman.

Do you realize anger, resentment, frustration and other limiting feelings that you bury inside yourself, so you can cope with life, are still alive in your subconscious mind and affect who you are each day? Now is the best time to start the journey that will take you into the center of your Be-ing and lead you to your heart of gold.
 Resolve your limiting feelings by Scripting. When you do this, you change the powerful energy that has kept you from your true self.

Feelings Alive helps you:

• Overcome the most common phrases you repeat to yourself, countless times each day, that increase the stress and ruin the success in your life

• Release the feelings that limit you - choose from a list of over 700 limiting feelings

• Work through your feelings using the Script, color therapy and music therapy

• Store your Scripts separately with built in multi-user support

• See your progress, over time through your saved Scripts, of limiting feelings and phrases you have worked through

Fill your life with forgiveness, love, peace, abundance and health by releasing the negative feelings and thoughts from within. Start Scripting today!
 May Feelings Alive help you find your golden thread, the uniqueness that only you can add to the great Tapestry of Life.

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