Healing Feelings...
Karol K. Truman

Karol Truman, author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die FINDING THE REAL YOU! This is what Karol Truman is all about. She loves guiding people as they search for the uniqueness of their Soul, their true inherent beauty. In fact, she feels this is her mission in life—to assist people in re-discovering the ‘Love’ that they are—the Truth of their Be-ing.

Karol is the self-published author of three very successful books. She followed up her best seller Feelings Buried Alive Never Die with Healing Feelings...From Your Heart. She is also a remedial counselor, therapist, life coach, and a true teacher who is dedicated to assisting others in achieving success in their chosen endeavors, as well as emotional and spiritual well-being.

Mrs. Truman, who is also an accomplished pianist and music instructor, has been exploring health and healing for over 50 years, beginning her search in the fields of nutrition, exercise, and weight control. Her first book, Looking Good Feeling Great, was written in 1984 as a result of her involvement in pioneering the first round mini-trampoline. Eventually it became apparent to her that physical health was inextricably linked to emotional, and even spiritual health. Recognizing this, she began an ever-deepening exploration of human energy systems. She has made an exhaustive study of the laws of cause and effect and the principles that govern transformational healing and growth.

Throughout the country, doctors and therapists alike are recommending her books to their patients and clients, and utilizing the tools found therein. Along with these two books and counseling, the last 22 years of her life have been spent teaching seminars and workshops (called 'Gatherings') which, gratefully, have contributed to positive significant changes in many lives.

After participating as vice-president of two successful health and service-related companies, Mrs. Truman and her husband, Delmont, have developed a prospering publishing and distribution business. Their greatest joys, however, are their four adult children and their spouses, and their 19 beautiful grandchildren.