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Feelings Buried Alive Never Die Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

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Book on CD

Discover why Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. Learn why you feel the way you feel. Understand the impact feelings have on all aspects of your life. Your Journey to finding who you really are begins with the first chapter. You can establish peace, abundance, and health as you resolve negative feelings and fill your life with the goodness that you choose.

Healing Feelings From Your Heart Healing Feelings From Your Heart

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Book on CD

Continue your Journey to rediscovering your True Self. Learn how to eliminate blame, to forgive, to feel continual gratitude, and to Revere Your Divine Self.

Infinite Abundance Infinite Abundance

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Scripting for Abundance: This CD has information on the laws of abundance, and exercises to help you resolve issues that may be keeping you from the abundance you desire and from moving forward in your life.

In one-third of this CD Karol dialogues about the laws of abundance. In the remaining part of the CD she helps you process the feelings and beliefs that may be keeping you from moving forward in your life, and the abundance you desire.

Why Weight? Why Weight?

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Why Weight? In working extensively with people who have had weight challenges, Karol came to understand many of the emotional issues people face while striving to achieve their weight goals. With this CD, Karol processes you through these issues so your body can experience the success it longs for.

Healing Feelings Newsletters Healing Feelings Newsletters

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10 favorite Healing Feelings Newsletters read by Karol.


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