Healing Feelings...


To anyone experiencing any type of physical or emotional challenge, whether sourcing from health and diet, relationships, money, career, personal goals or any other aspect of life, I highly recommend you read the book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.

While quite a number of books have stressed the importance of feelings, many stop there, filling the rest of their pages with fluff. Truman's book, on the other hand, is packed with intriguing and useful information. For instance, among a number of other insights, she provides a very interesting chart on "Probable Feelings Causing Illness" that covers well over 200 illnesses.

Perhaps most useful, however, is the tool Truman introduces in the book; she calls it Scripting, and many will find it incredibly useful in turning negative emotions and experiences into strength and positive direction. As Karol writes about this tool, "It can literally take the slums out of you and then you can change your environment."

Since its initial 1991 publication, this book has been revised and expanded twice. Feelings Buried Alive Never Die has sold over 300,000 copies. These amazing numbers for a smaller press book were achieved primarily by the slow and steady rise of word-of-mouth recommendation from reader after reader. Obviously, the book has made a major impact on many people well beyond my patients (check out some of the reader comments at Amazon), so again, if you want to make a positive change to your life, I strongly recommend you read Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.

By sincerely implementing the principles and painless tool found in Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, a person can remove their treacherous emotional barriers and contribute to a major part of their own life healing.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

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Resolve negative feelings that affect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health on your Journey to finding your 'True Self'.

Discover why Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. Learn why you feel the way you feel. Understand the impact feelings have on all aspects of your life. Your Journey to finding who you really are begins with the first chapter. You can establish peace, abundance, and health as you resolve negative feelings and fill your life with the goodness that you choose.

Healing Feelings...From Your Heart Healing Feelings...From Your Heart

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Life often causes us to build a wall around our True Self. Begin your journey of breaking down the wall and re-discovering your Divine Soul.

Learn how to let go of blame, to forgive, to feel gratitude, and to Revere Your Divine Self.

Looking Good Feeling Great Looking Good Feeling Great

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Fifteen Minutes a Day to a New You!

Rebound exercise — an easy, fun way to tone your figure, improve your health, and develop optimum fitness! See how valuable this kind of exercise is for your body.

Los Sentimientos que Se Entierran con Vida Nunca Mueren Los Sentimientos que Se Entierran con Vida Nunca Mueren

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No sólo te dice por qué te sientes como te sientes, sino cómo comenzaron estos sentimientos. Luego te dice cómo puedes transformar fácilmente estos sentimientos indeseables para que ya no estorben tu crecimiento. ¡Qué regalo!